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Increase production and profits with a containerised RHI Accredited boiler and kiln unit from PLB Ecowood





 Why opt for a containerised biomass drying system ?


  • Drops on site so minimal ground prep needed. Container can be dropped onto any hard standing


  • No need for a shed 


  • No expensive plumbing and puping bills


  • The price quoted is for everything, it starts

        earning money the moment it is on site 


  • Comes with a fuel hopper


  • Cost effective way to dry wood and chip


  • Additional kiln units can be added later at very

      little cost to increase production further



How much wood can it dry ?



  • One unit can dry 1728 M3 per year however the 499 kw boiler can run two additional 40ft containers so can dry up to 7200 M3 per year


  • The 998 kw boiler can run 4 x 40ft containers drying up to 12,960 M3 per year


  • Dries wood from fresh to 20 % in four days



What powers the unit ?


The kilns are powered with either a 499 kw or a 998 kw HEATECO biomass boiler which can take a G50 chip both of these boilers are RHI accredited. HEATECO boilers are incredibly robust and reliable.


  • The 499 kw boiler will earn on tier 1 alone in 12 months £ 34,000 in RHI


  • The 998 kw boiler will earn on tier 1 alone in 12 months £ 64,000 in RHI 


  • Both these boilers are eligible for 5.24 pence per Kwh RHI Tariff













How much do they cost ?


  • ​The 499 kw unit with 19 M3 log drying Kiln is £ 58,769 plus VAT


  • The 998 kw unit with 19 M3 log drying kiln is £ 78,769 plus VAT


  • Additional 40ft log drying kiln with capacity of 38 M3 £ 28,770 plus VAT



     For more information or to discuss your requirements feel free to call Luke on 07999804391

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