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RHI compliant Faci 16 Chip Boiler 199kw

RHI compliant Faci 16 Chip Boiler 199kw

£18,500The Faci 16 woodchip boiler, built in a thick steel plate, burns wood residues of some centimetres long that are loaded through an automatic system. The fuel used varies and it can be made of: chopped pruning, sawmill rejects and biomasses resulting from silvicultural activities. Woodchip installations, besides being used in residential buildings, are particularly suitable for the heating of medium and big size buildings such as hotels, schools, hospitals and shopping centres.

RHI Over view:
The Faci 16 199kw is fully RHI compliant and take G30 Chip. a very robust and reliable boiler at a affordable price. Under the ofgems RHI scheme it can earn £ 13,544 on tier 1 for a guaranteed contract period of 20 years so the pay back time is less than 2 years and in the 18 years renaming on the contract can earn you £ 243792 tax free !

Model: Faci 16 – Woodchip boiler
Fuel used: Woodchip Norm. 7133 G30
Power output: 199kw
Control panel: Digital card
Control panel: ≥ 86%

1) Boiler body equipped with:
- Top access door
- Lower access door
- Digital panel
- Smoke stack
- Panels coating
- Bottom
2) Double fall-back burner
3) Octagonal hopper provided with a stirrer, motor and reduction gear

1) Fireproof valve
2) Automatic cleaning of the shell and tube heat exchanger
3) Refractory bricks
4) Automatic ignition
5) Automatic de-ashing in the bottom
6) Automatic loading of the fuel1. Large combustion chamber with wet sides easy to reach for ordinary and extraordinary cleaning
2. Lower access door for the manual loading of bigger size fuel and for the periodic cleaning of the brazier
3. Top access door for the cleaning of the shell and tube heat exchanger
4. Shell and tube heat exchanger
5. Water cavity wall
6. Control panels
7. Fittings for the application of control probes
8. Forward hydraulic connection
9. High intensity Anti-radianting Insulating Panels
10. Steel smoke pipes
11. Smoke box
12. Steel panels covered with coating varni
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